I Am Finding Value In Community

There have been hard things before, but I did them alone. I chose that way. It felt safer. I had more control over my emotions and my capacity. I got fewer questions, and I proceeded, me and God. After the fact, even years after the fact, a friend helped me dissect...

Following God May Be Learning To Be Held In The Rain

I feel like God has been whispering to me lately, "Don't get ahead of me."  In times of personal tragedy and even in the everyday stresses of sports tryouts, home purchases, and job changes, part of trusting God is learning to sit with Him in the in-between. Learning...

Because The Tears Come-I Know God’s Provision

I'd like to think that I could know God as my provider without actually needing to be provided for. Like a flower that could gleam in the sunlight covered in dewdrops but not actually need the rain. But, because the tears come, I know God's provision. It's the gift in...

What Recharges Your Soul?

“What recharges your soul?” A good friend asked me that question recently, and luckily I happened to be on a walk in the woods with her at the time, and my answer was easy, “This.” The natural default is to live in the busy... in day to day tasks where we seldom carve...

Your Big Green Eyes Set Me Free

I went out to run this morning and Samantha came out in her purple pajamas to run with me. She hasn't gotten the memo that I run for quiet, but these are the sweet moments when I am reminded to just run with the girl I thought I might not get to run with. I took off...

I Can Do All Things

Momming…most of my best ideas come from watching other moms and thinking, “Oooooh that. I’m going to do that too.” The simple, repeatable building blocks that we can copy and emulate…matter My son’s preschool teacher did this with her daughters - they would count on...

Things Usually Go Well But Sometimes They Don’t

A theme in 2020 seems to be- things usually go well but sometimes they don’t.  Even when we choose to see the glass half full, sometimes there’s a rock in the bottom of the glass that seems unavoidable.  When life gets rough, what can we do? Choose where we place our...

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