We Can Tell God The Truth

"We can tell God the truth." What does that even mean? When I think of my daughter, I wouldn't want her to give me a canned answer when she is scared or trying to find her way. I'd want to talk with her about it, so we could peel back the petals together.   I think...

There Is Hope For Forever

I remember 911. My investment class was abruptly canceled and the nation sat glued to our television sets as we watched how life can change, how history can change in seconds, and it all can make us feel so helplessly out of control.  Out of control. It's likely how...

What Is Your Yes?

As I watched my five-year-old ask me letter by letter how to spell the words for his card, it made my heart smile.  “You are so brave to get baptized.” He was right. That was brave.  My 85-year-old grandmother got baptized last weekend in my mother's swimming pool....

Are You Observing or Absorbing?

I don't need to review all things 2020/21, but the current days seem to be heightened again with new COVID spikes, vaccine and mask debates, Afghanistan, the start back to school...  I can go on and on. We are all emotionally burdened by what we see and hear. Some of...


As we approach the fall and activities resume, there are two distinctly different ways we incorporate God. We can fit Him into the spaces or invite Him into all of them.  What we choose can change everything.   Sometimes we treat God like an enhancement to our life,...

Why Would I Want To Know God?

With God, there is clarity. When we hand Him my everything, there is peace. When we don't know the way, we find our direction in Him. When our hearts are unsettled, we find Him to be our firm foundation. When life seems meaningless, in Him, we find all purpose.  I see...

Let’s Finish The Summer Well

Teddy learned to wakeboard this week. He has been the flag holder forever and it was his turn. He sat in the water with his brother, eyes full of anticipation and got up on his first try.   It was different teaching him than it was the other kids. The others looked at...

The fantastical truth.

“Stop searching for truth and just live in a fantasy.” That’s what the bumper sticker on the car in front of me read last week. This time of year, it’s tempting to crawl into a hallmark marathon and try to pretend it’s the real deal. But it’s not real, and truth is...

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