Just One Thing

Each summer, the flowers at the cabin tell me a story. I have a combination that I like, begonias, petunias, some sweet potato vine, and my secret is the Persian shield. It gets to be just the right height to replace the traditional spikes in the middle of the...

I Will Not Be Controlled By My Circumstances

Do you ever feel like a prisoner to the things that are coming at you?  One of the most significant changes that I experienced becoming "mom" is that anything that happened to anyone in our family ultimately affected...me. If someone is sick or has a bad dream, is...

Adjust Your Approach, Change Your Everything

For a long time, I viewed God in my mind's eye as expansive like the sunrise: infinite, great, and yet, in that view…far away. Looking down at me, but inaccessible. While He is expansive, infinite, and great, God also knows the desires of my soul and the number of...

Will You Meet His Gaze?

Last summer, I got random texts from a guy who was convinced I was “Annie.” I would tell him I was not her but he was sure I was pushing him off. Oh, Annie. Their relationship was obviously ongoing, but she didn’t trust him enough to give him her real number. It makes...

In What Do You Find Security?

When we travel, Ella packs her suitcase with her very important things that she can't live without… her lambie, her blanket, her latest craft. One time she even brought a cardboard paper towel roll with a smiley face written on it. You know, because that's very...

My Protector

My grandparents lived on Marco Island, off the coast of Florida.  When I was in high school, my grandfather would give me his boat and my friends and I would drive it around the entire island. We would boat through the protected mud flats and across the expanse of the...

Capture The Simple

I figured that fishermen usually don’t catch anything anyway, so my kids were getting the typical fishing experience. I have gotten away with my kids fishing without hooks or bait for years. Over the weekend, our friends brought their kids to the cabin, and they can...

He Sees Me

I love Shirley Temples. When I was a little girl we would drink them with my grandfather, so on special occasions with our kids, a bottle of Sprite and cherry grenadine is the perfect fit.   My older boys make their own, pouring the ideal combination and carefully...

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