Will You Meet His Gaze?

Will You Meet His Gaze?

Last summer, I got random texts from a guy who was convinced I was “Annie.” I would tell him I was not her but he was sure I was pushing him off. Oh, Annie. Their relationship was obviously ongoing, but she didn’t trust him enough to give him her real number. It makes...

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My Protector

My Protector

My grandparents lived on Marco Island, off the coast of Florida.  When I was in high school, my grandfather would give me his boat and my friends and I would drive it around the entire island. We would boat through the protected mud flats and across the expanse of the...

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He Sees Me

He Sees Me

I love Shirley Temples. When I was a little girl we would drink them with my grandfather, so on special occasions with our kids, a bottle of Sprite and cherry grenadine is the perfect fit.   My older boys make their own, pouring the ideal combination and carefully...

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