Some days feel like we are fighting through a pile of clutter.  That’s what my week felt like until the influenza bomb hit our house and all of the confusion was blown up by 104-degree temperatures and six bottles of Tamiflu.  

Things around here got quiet and as I looked into my kids’ dark eyes, my role became to tend.

These are the moments when my sweetest privilege is to answer the call of, “mom.”  I am the one who gets to look into their eyes, the one that they want in the middle of the night.  In the sweetness of their tug at my shirt, I am the one who gets to tend.

It’s often what I need to look to for in my God.  In the mix and the clutter of life, I get to look to the only One who was ever meant tend to my soul.  Sometimes we may not slow down enough to be tended to. These past few days, in the mix of fevers and back rubbing, fireplaces and movies, the world slowed down and my soul felt tended.  

My soul felt tended because there is a theme that plays throughout these thick days of being mom.  Sometimes in the mix of it all, life gets so noisy that we can barely hear it. The consistent truth that runs through each of our days is that these sweet kids are worth it, they are worth it all.  We would do anything for these people of ours. No matter how long the day or night may be, never do I question if they are worth it.

As I lay with Graham it made me think about how God views me.  God sees me as His precious child, and it rings true that He also says, “You are worth it, you are worth it all.”  God waits patiently on my heart, just as I wait patiently for Graham’s fever to subside. He whispers to my soul that I am worth it.  He invites me to live life with Him.

Do you live your days with the theme that you are worth it?  That you are worth it all to Him? Do you authentically believe that you are worth it to our God?  In my imperfect love for my Graham, it is worth laying all plans down for him. In God’s perfect love, He has already laid everything down for me and for you.  Our home doesn’t work like clockwork. I’m tired just like you are when those little feet scamper across my bedroom floor, but I long to give them what they need.  God longs to give your soul what it so desperately needs.

These kids make me yearn to know the deepest truths so that what I pass on to them is the authentic beat of my heart.  They lead me to challenge what I believe and purify it into its most basic form, and today the theme that rings true is “you are worth it.”  Worth it to our God who loves me and loves you. If we understood this in our heart of hearts, I bet we would live differently, deeply treasured and dearly loved, children that are worth it to Him.  

This is the free life.  This is the life I never knew I always wanted.