I woke up with the sense this morning that it may be time for all of us to pause and reset.  This may be a moment when we take a deep breath and say, “No matter my past or current situation, I need eyes to see.  Eyes to see my kids with clarity, eyes to see my neighbor or my co-worker with a little more grace, eyes to see current social issues with a fresh set of eyes.”

Society has become so divisive that we can no longer have a genuine discussion.  Before you proceed, ask God for eyes to see.

Political issues, the news, social media…angst is what we see all around us.  Scared people hurt people, leading to angst, which will steal our joy. It will suffocate our hearts and capture our gaze.  Let angst be turned to passion and our fear melt away. Alone we will hurt the people around us, and my God is not a God of hurt, but a God of grace.  Covered in His love for the people we interact with, grace will shine through. My God is not an underdog, so we must stop acting so defensively like He is.  Let’s live a life that radiates, a life that is different, because we are children of the King.

Free people proceed differently.  Free people can say, “Regardless of my past, what is the right thing in this situation?”  “Regardless of how it impacts me, what is the greatest good?”

Free people are free to love and free to live because they know the greatest love of all. When our eyes are set on our Great God who sees the big picture and can be trusted to know and provide the greatest good, we no longer have to grapple to take what is ours, because we live for what is His.

If this freedom is foreign to you, if your worries and fears are driving you, this may be a moment when you ask for a reset.  Ask God what it would mean for you to be set free, unhindered by the pains of the past, free to see the greater good because we truly are known and loved by the Creator of all good.

This is the free life, set free by the Author and Designer of freedom.  Place your angst in His hands, pass your worries to Him, set your gaze. This is the life I never knew I always wanted.