This summer, my sister and her family visited Ark Encounter, a life-sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark.  As I watched their videos of this gigantic structure, it hit my soul more than ever: people certainly must have thought Noah had lost his mind!

In my childhood mind’s eye, I had always imagined the ark as a hobby.  As I saw their pictures of this monstrosity, I realized that Noah was building the skyscraper of his time.  It probably took every penny and resource he had to follow God’s voice into the unknown where each day he did as he was told, exactly.

Yet, as God flooded the earth and all of its inhabitants were no longer, Noah’s “follow”…saved mankind.

As God reveals His plans to us if we listen carefully and precisely follow God’s lead for our lives, what might He lead us to build?  What could He lead us to save?

It may change your day today; it may change your life forever.  Be willing to listen. Don’t ignore the pulling at your soul. It means something.  If your heart is telling you that you are losing on all fronts: at work, in parenting, in your marriage, plead with God to reveal His path for you. Then, do what He tells you.

What is your ark?  

Even if water never would never have come, Noah was obedient to God’s call.  It may not be about the outcome.  The joy of your life may be found in the follow.  When you live that way, the results become less critical, and the moment-by-moment becomes everything.  

In those moments, your life becomes worship.  

That didn’t make sense to me for a long time.  If it seems like a far-fetched idea to you now, start with the follow.  Trust God to show you the boat now and the water later.  Start in this moment.  Look for Him…seek Him…talk to Him. I promise my friend: the rains will come, and when they do, you will have your boat.  

When God whispers to your soul, do exactly what He tells you to do.  This is the free life.  The life you never knew you always wanted.