Participating with God is the “us” life. It’s when I choose to leave myself at the door and approach each situation asking, “God, how are we going to do this?” or “What are we going to say?” It’s seeing myself so connected to God that my whole being becomes His vessel. Less of me, more of Him becomes so much of Him that I no longer see me.

Before I grasped that God lovingly cared for me, participation with God was something I controlled. I chose what to do and when to do it, what “fit” into my plan. But when I fully gave God my life, participation with God became a life He steers. It has become a life directed by Him rather than years lost being lived according to my “plan.” As I live as His vessel, it takes the pressure off me to perform, because if it is what God wants for and from my life, then it is enough.

My plans for the future look different because I hold them with a loose grip, preferring His.  Sure, life is still composed of the “everyday” things…but because the goal has become participation with God, it is done differently. My heart is postured differently. Because my eyes are set on operating in the overflow with the objective of more God and less me, I am free. Free to let things come and go, free to love and let go, because I see this life as His and not mine.

When God drives the pattern of my days, participation becomes my every moment. It becomes my heartbeat, the rhythm of the hours. When I am out of sync, my heart feels dead. That causes me to pause and recalibrate: I must stop doing all these things out of my own source of energy and ask, “Where are ‘we’ God?  I’ll plead and ask and wait until I hear from You. When I do, ‘we’ begin again.”

When I participate with my God I live connected to the one who supplies all and leads my life. He teaches and tends to my soul in ways so tender that you couldn’t beg me to go back because all I want is to know what He has whispered to me…treasured truths that as we walk together have given meaning to my life.

Participation with God is so much more than something I do. It is who I am. I am “us,” and with each step I live as the vessel of my God.  Rather than the list of “to do’s” to serve my God, it becomes a way of living. It is a life of deepest satisfaction in your heart of hearts because it is the life you were created for.

The “us” life. Participation with my God. Less me…more Him…every day, forever.  

This is the free life. This is the life I never knew I always wanted.