God can be trusted, I know He can…yet sometimes I can’t believe what seems to be happening around me. So what can we do when it just doesn’t make sense or when we are just plain disappointed? Maybe even when we wonder if God got this one wrong. 

  • Tell Him the truth about how you feel.
    • I’m mad about it this. God, I feel betrayed. God, I feel forgotten. God, I feel like You allowed this. I’m scared.  
  • Ask God to remind you what is true. Wait for His response.
    • You may not hear anything at first. That’s okay. Tell Him the truth again and again and again. If you keep knocking He will answer. He may say something like this. “I never leave. I am in control of the wind and the waves. I can tell them when and where to stop and I am more powerful than this too. Be still. Let Me take care of things. I will carry you. I will protect you. Keep your eyes on Me. Trust me. You can’t see all of the things, but I do and I work for the ultimate good. I’ve got this and I’ve got you.”
  • Choose who you are going to believe. 
    • Am I going to believe myself or am I  going to believe my God? What am I going to stand on? Whose foundation am I going to rely on? “God, I choose to believe you. I will stand on Your promises.” 
  • Surrender.
    • “God, I give You my everything: my pride, my feelings. I give You all the things.”
  • Say yes. 
    • “Yes, I will trust You even when it doesn’t make sense. Yes, I will trust You even when I don’t like what happened. I will trust Your ultimate good, because you are my ultimate God.”

God can be trusted, I know He can. In the pit of despair how we respond can change our trajectory. We have to choose well, for ourselves and for the people we love, but most of all, because God is too good to let situations take our eyes off of Him, at least for too long. I refuse…and you can too. In the middle when can’t see your way forward and are even uncertain of how to take the next step, keep you eyes on Him. He has got you today and every day forever. I promise.