I believe we are to stand for the widows and orphans. 

Webster’s dictionary defines an orphan as “one deprived of some protection or advantage.”

I believe we have to stand for the babies that need protection. What does this mean for fertility? I don’t know, but I do believe there is a place for both.  Let’s not politicize life. Let’s not politicize protecting women. Let’s have a conversation.

I believe God dearly loves His children. I believe God has compassion for mothers who are longing to have children. I believe God wants women who find themselves pregnant with babies they did not plan for to be cared for while their babies grow in their wombs. I believe these women will be better off long-term if they let their pregnancies run to fruition.  

We are too smart to be used as political pawns. Let’s not operate out of fear. Let’s protect those that need protecting. 

This is our prayer:  

  • Father God, would we not politicize the life of the unborn from either side of the aisle. Would this debate not be fueled by a spirit of fear. 
  • Father God, give us eyes to see clearly. Give us empathy for each other, empathy for women who find themselves with unplanned pregnancies, and empathy for women seeking fertility. Give us empathy for women who have been abused and empathy for post-abortive women. Give us empathy for the unborn.
  • Father God, give us the courage to pursue justice with eyes of mercy and kindness. Align our hearts with Yours. Would we lean in and ask You what that would be and as people of faith would we pursue Your way with gentleness, courage and compassion. 
  • Would Your people, empowered by the Holy Spirit, be the hands and feet of Jesus. We don’t know the way, but we know You are The Way. Help us lean into Your way.

Let’s show each other compassion. At the end of our understanding would we rely on the One whose knowledge surpasses all understanding. In Him we are fully supplied.