My new favorite morning spot is a swivel chair in my living room. I grab my coffee, turn the chair towards the windows and watch the sunrise over our grassy field. It’s quiet, and every morning has something new to see, but the sunrise is constant.

Today, as I watched the world through my window, a dense smoke came from the right. It was so thick that I assumed something had to be on fire, so I ran out of my house to see if I could find the source. There wasn’t a fire but a massive dense fog rolling in. The world went from bright and sunny to engulfed in a cloud that had decided it wanted to roll along the earth instead of the sky. No more sunshine over the field. Just dense, light-blocking fog. Then as soon as I settled into the fact it was going to be a foggy, maybe rainy day, the fog lifted, and the sun shone again, even brighter through my living room.

That’s life, isn’t it? Maybe you have felt it too. A season of sun then, in an abrupt surprise, darkness. Perhaps you have had hard things come out of the nowhere only to force you to settle into a new reality. I think we all have had those times.

What I do know is this morning, when the fog was all around me, the sun didn’t move. It was constant. That is the same with God. When we have thick, hard, life engulfing times around us, our God is consistent. He never hides away. He never changes.

Maybe sometimes it’s harder to see Him or feel Him. Perhaps you have even started to doubt Him. That’s okay. God is still there. Keep looking for Him. Keep talking to Him. He will never leave you, even when our circumstances seem too dark. Keep looking for the Light. Every fog eventually clears.