Is There More For You?

If God is real then what? If there was a greater story than the one you see right in front of you, would it be a good idea to know what that is? If there was a life of deep-seated joy and peace available, if there was a God who would protect and provide and be your...

How Do You Ask God For Something?

For a long time praying, to me, felt like paper airplanes thrown into the air to an Almighty God that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around. Hope thrown into the darkness, into the expanse of the sky. To me, the word “pray” was so overused that it seemed to have lost...

February Bootcamp (And Just Great Valentines)

What is it about January that brings out the crazy in my people!  Is your home that way too?  I would like to think that it's not just mine.  After the season of fun and sparkle that Christmas brings, here comes January which seems to put my kids in a selfish...

Will God Take What I Love Away?

Graham was walking me through the notes from his church retreat. They were talking about things they prioritize ahead of God and Graham replied, “Sports and school for sure.” I asked him what he would need to do about that and he said, "Read my Bible more."  Maybe....

Need More Mental Space- Try This

When you get quiet enough, you can start to hear the brown leaf tumbling across the path. When you get quiet enough and sit near the creek that appears to be completely frozen, you can begin to hear water flowing beneath the ice and if you stay in silence the water...

Let The Season Set You Free

There was a season when I believe God told me not to dream. It wasn’t a short season. It was about seven years.  Would God tell us not to dream?   In His generosity, I had to stop dreaming because I was in an endless cycle of doing. The end of what God said went like...

Don’t Be A Thermometer

With all of the chaos surrounding the rising covid numbers in our area this week, I wonder if this might help. A gal in our prayer group shared this illustration and it brought so much clarity. She said, “We weren’t made to be thermometers. Thermometers take the...

Word of the Year- Is it worth it?

If I'm honest, when people start asking me what my word of the year is, it makes my eyes do this really weird squinty thing they do when I'm trying to blink away unwanted pressure. Is it worth it?  I want to tell you no! Skip the pressure, stay in bed and sleep to a...

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