If I’m honest, when people start asking me what my word of the year is, it makes my eyes do this really weird squinty thing they do when I’m trying to blink away unwanted pressure. Is it worth it? 

I want to tell you no! Skip the pressure, stay in bed and sleep to a better you- but there is a level of intimacy with God that I am experiencing in this life, it’s one He invites us into through consistent little invitations year by year. I do think it’s worth it and I believe He is inviting you into it too. 

So what do we do?  

We ask God. 

When I think of where it started for me, God invited me to exchange my running shoes for my Bible in the mornings and although I can’t squat as much, my soul is stronger and I would choose the latter. Then God invited me to stop watching The Bachelor and give Him the mental space that I was devoting to dreaming about who might get the next rose. Then God invited me to start asking Him for things with post-it notes stuck to my storage room walls, and as I did, I started to see Him answer the things that I was asking for in ways that are still so pointed it blows me away.  

So words of the year. New Year’s resolutions. Dreams Guides. Ask God about them. Ask Him what He might want you to do, or dream about, or hold more loosely or hand over. I think you will find it’s worth it too if it’s His. 

My word this year is awaken. I am asking God to awaken in and through me. I am asking Him to awaken you and His people all over the earth. I am also going to try and use less hazardous cleaning products. My friends may laugh at that, but I think God whispers about all the things. I believe He will whisper to you, as you set your gaze and ask Him. 

God dearly loves you and He wants your life to be full of joy and peace and He wants you to be with Him forever. 

Ask God for a word. Ask Him what He might have you do or let go. Then do it. You can because He will help you if you ask. Then tell Him yes over and over. Choose God over old ways. I bet your life will come alive, and I just wonder if you will find it’s the best way to live every day forever.