As you dream about 2022 what if we choose to let God. Let God lead our dreams. Let God guide our prayers. Let God call us to Himself. I am hearing so often, “I’m not doing this enough” or “I’m not praying enough” I wonder if God is inviting us to show up and let Him. What if we lowered our resistances and let Him save us. Let Him refine us. Let Him teach us. Let Him lead our families. Let Him court our affections. Let Him be our peace and joy. 

This year let’s choose to let God lead and guide and refine.  

I am seeing God court the affections of people I love. I am seeing Him awaken dreams within them and fulfill them. You could be one of them. Choose to “Let God” in 2022.  

How do we do this? We talk to Him over and over. (I have to write it down.) 

  • God, you say you are the source of peace, how do I let you provide me peace? You say you keep at perfect peace those whose minds are fixed in you. God would you bring me perfect peace keep my mind fixed on you.  
  • When we worry. God, I let you provide for me. How do I let you free me from worry? Cast all your anxiety in me for I care for you. God would you help me cast my anxiety on you.
  • When we need joy. God, how can I let You bubble up joy within me? Your word says the joy of the Lord is my strength. How can I have the joy of the Lord? God would you help me to let Your joy in. Don’t let me resist it. 

How can we learn how to have conversations with God? We ask Him to teach us. Let’s ask God to awaken that within us. “God would you awaken a relationship between us where we can talk to each other.”

This may take a little practice, but not like running everyday practice, it’s not near as hard. We practice choosing. We choose our inputs, we choose to pray, we choose to set our eyes on Him. 

Are you looking for some things that might help? When it comes to prayer, this book has been really helpful to me. I return to it often (like this morning) because it leads me to ask God for things beyond what I would have considered. I see Him answering prayers that came from this book.   

You don’t have to read the whole Bible every morning, but if you want to hear from Him, I don’t know any other way that you will unless you feed yourself with it daily. This is the plan that I am going to follow this year. You could choose to read only the New Testament readings if it seems like too much. Ask God what to do and do that. He will lead you. I ask God to illuminate what He wants to tell me before I read, then I read, and then journal small bits using the STAR method. You can find that here: STAR METHOD.

This isn’t about doing, it’s all about being. Being His. If I were God how would I communicate with my children? I would write them notes (the Bible) and I would answer them when they talk to me (praying). Would I demand that it be in long stents and done in a professional manner? No. I would just want them to come and as they did I would speak to them and show them the way to abundant life. 

Let’s let God show us the way in 2022.