As I walked along the Sea of Galilee this fall I thought I heard God say to write an Advent guide. I wondered if it would be based on the sites I’d seen while in Israel and so I tried to put things together but it never felt right.

So I waited.

On the flight home, although I intended to sleep and arrive home well-rested, I felt like God said it was time to write. So I did. All night long. This is what He gave me to pass along to you. It has nothing to do with Israel, but it has everything to do with living centered on the One who was delivered there for us.

This heart guide leads us through four well-known and loved Christmas Carols. It is light enough for you to share with your friends and deep enough for the seasoned follower.

Share it with the people you love and let’s come back to center with our hearts set on our God together.

I do believe God will lead your heart through it. I do believe He will use it to craft and call the people you love to Himself. I do believe it will bring God great praise. I do believe we will find centered is the only way to live….forever.

It’s our gift to you! Click here for your copy!