With all of the chaos surrounding the rising covid numbers in our area this week, I wonder if this might help. A gal in our prayer group shared this illustration and it brought so much clarity. She said, “We weren’t made to be thermometers. Thermometers take the temperature around them. We were made to be space heaters”  

We are doing some remodeling and a section of our house doesn’t currently have heat. We have a space heater plugged into the room. As followers of Jesus, we are meant to be like that space heater. When we stay plugged into the source, our lives produce warmth. 

On the way to school, I talked with the kids about the environments they find themselves in. We are called to be space heaters, not thermometers. If we are around a group of friends who are not being kind, we have the Spirit of God within us and we are not thermometers: we don’t adapt to their temperature because we are plugged into the source of life. We are space heaters and even in situations that may be cool, when we are plugged into the source, we put out warmth into the world. That doesn’t mean we burn the place down with artificial kindness, but it does mean that the warmth of God can be felt when we are plugged in. If I drag the space heater around our home without plugging it in, no one is going to experience warmth. Let’s plug in. Let’s live fully supplied and put out His warmth into the world.

There are a lot of things happening that are making the days confusing. A friend of mine described it perfectly when she said the uncertainty just makes her weary. 

In God’s kindness, He uses that very word when He invites us to come to Him and hand Him our burdens. He promises us rest. As I look at that little space heater, it’s not tired. It is allowing heat to be created from within fully supplied by the power source. Let’s take God’s invitation and rest in Him. Let’s ask Him to fully supply us with everything that we need, and then let’s let Him work through us, believing that He will. 

Let’s ask God to teach us how to let Him be our full supply. He will be everything we need, today, tomorrow and forever.  That warmth, it is kingdom come through you for the glory of your Maker. What joy. 

God awaken us and call Your worshipers. Craft us for the honor of Your name all over the earth.