There was a season when I believe God told me not to dream. It wasn’t a short season. It was about seven years. 

Would God tell us not to dream?  

In His generosity, I had to stop dreaming because I was in an endless cycle of doing. The end of what God said went like this: “Don’t dream or plan, just follow me.”  

It was God’s plan to set me free.

As I followed Him, what was God going to tell me to do? How exciting, right?  

In that season, God didn’t have anything for me to “do.” I needed to learn who He was. Many of us don’t know what to do because we don’t know who He is. 

I believe God wants to teach us who He is and then He will tell us what to do.  

It might seem easier just to jump to the end, but if we do we will end up living our dreams and plans. Even if we think that’s what we want, our dreams will only be a distraction from God’s ultimate plan. I do believe if your future self could whisper to you, you would hear- You actually want His way.

When we know God intimately, we will know what to do. He will align our hearts with His. We will know who and whose we are and our heartbeat will be like His.

Let God set you free. Not by emptying but by letting God set you free from the endless cycle of doing, let God fill you and teach you to be. Let your workout shoes sit in the morning and fill with your Bible. Trade your worries for prayers. Sit with God. Kneel on your carpet with your head on the ground and ask Him to speak to you. Do that every day and over time God will transform you, and what it will feel like is peace, hope, freedom and life.  

Transformation is slow and urgent. We must be crafted, but we aren’t the ones who do the crafting, so we have to wait on God. Hear me whisper the good news- God wants to transform you. 

When you see a flower opening, it’s not willing itself open. It is letting. Let the season change you. Let God change you, and as you do less and be more, you will find God doing through you and it will be more than you have ever done before. This journey is slow but urgent. If you stick with it you will find yourself free.