What is it about January that brings out the crazy in my people!  Is your home that way too?  I would like to think that it’s not just mine.  After the season of fun and sparkle that Christmas brings, here comes January which seems to put my kids in a selfish what’s-next-for-me funk!

A few years ago, my “sweet” kiddos started turning into an entitled, unkind little army.  So when the first day of February hit, I initiated a “Love Each Other Bootcamp.”  Every day they had to write a note of kindness to someone else in the family.  They also had to display one random act of service to someone such as unloading the dishwasher or picking up someone else’s room.

The results?  The order was restored.  Yes, there was a little resistance at the beginning (let’s be honest, these things are never as easy as they sound) but over the 14 days, the kids started to get excited about the challenge. They began speaking more carefully and kindly; their arguments settled and they were back to being genuinely interested in others.  In short, I got my kiddos back.

So this February we are doing it again.  It is natural to think of the beginning of the year as the time to reset exercise, incorporate better eating habits, and establish other essential patterns.  Now I think of February as the month to reset intentionality and improve the relationships within our family.

This month-long exercise made us do special things for the people that we tend to take advantage of the most.  It added extra words of kindness to our days that fed our hearts and created habits in my children that lasted way beyond February.

We all need a little 14 day, share your heart Bootcamp.  Even if you are the only one in your home that ventures out to do this, I promise you that writing little notes, serving others when they least expect it, and thinking less of yourself will have you in a better place too.

If you need some inspiration to help you get these little notes of encouragement started, below is a free download that we have created! You can print out these pages on card stock (which works best) or even regular paper, cut them apart, and use them to write notes to your own children for their lunchboxes on Valentine’s Day.  Or use them as notes for your kids to give to their friends and siblings. Let them know that during this Valentine’s month we can do a better job of showing others how much we care about them and a little less about the message that the world tends to shout… it’s not just about them.

Click here for your free printable Valentines!