If God is real then what? If there was a greater story than the one you see right in front of you, would it be a good idea to know what that is? If there was a life of deep-seated joy and peace available, if there was a God who would protect and provide and be your actual refuge, would you want that?  

If you would say yes to any of those questions, I would point you to IF:Gathering. If you already know all of the things but your faith feels stale and you want to awaken your connection with God. I would point you to IF:Gathering. IF has been like a big sister saying to me, “This next…now this.” God has used IF:Gathering to cultivate within me a relationship with Him that I didn’t know was possible and let me whisper- It’s possible for you too.  

IF:Gathering hosts a once-a-year conference, it is Friday night and Saturday. It would be worth babysitters and the logistical nightmare I am sure it would be for you to join in. There are locations hosting all over you can check to see where one may be near you by clicking here.

Here are are few places locally you could join in:

You can also signup virtually and watch it by yourself or with some friends, or you can join me at Brookside on March 25th for a “Best of IF:Gathering” from 6-10pm. 

If you can swing it…watch it this weekend. Create a retreat space for yourself and watch every word. Ask God to awaken desire within you for Him. I just wonder what He might have for you. I am certain there is something. Let yourself be curious and see what might be available if you lean in. God is more powerful than the darkness and He is closer than we often think.