Are Good Friday and Easter hard to connect with?  I wonder if this might help.  

As I watch this next season of life unfold, what I am noticing with my kids is how we let parts of ourselves die so they might live. We let our expectations of them, we let molding them into who we want them to be – die. We let ourselves die, that they might live. 

Let’s consider what we are remembering this week.  

Jesus let Himself die on the cross so we might live; through His resurrection we find life.  

To live resurrected we must let parts of ourselves die, so Christ might live in and through us. We let striving die, we let self-reliance die, we let being something die, we let what the world sees die, we let pace die, we let old ways die…and as we do we see life, new life. 

New life cannot be unless there is death. Death to our old self and old ways.  

What is God inviting you to let die so you might live? So He might fill and take residence? So He might bring new life?  

What is God inviting you to let Him resurrect?  

New life won’t make sense to people living dead ways and it’s okay. We rest in this new life because we are being prepared for the place that has been prepared by the One who died so we might dwell with Him forever. He died a death that made no sense so we might live a life that makes no sense, living for the day when it will all make sense. 

The love of a mother for their child is beyond understanding. We die to ourselves so that our children might live. Jesus let Himself die so that you might live. Yes for forever, but also for today. Full of the fullness of life that is available in greater measure each day as we live in Him. It’s the goal of this whole messy life.

What is God inviting you to let die so that He can fill and bring forth new life?