Our Gift To You

As I walked along the Sea of Galilee this fall I thought I heard God say to write an Advent guide. I wondered if it would be based on the sites I’d seen while in Israel and so I tried to put things together but it never felt right. So I waited. On the flight home,...

Who Do You Want To Be?

My friend's daughter is in junior high. Even the words “junior high” make my jaw clench a little. There are so many ways that it can go down...not all bad, just a lot of different possible directions. Her daughter said this week, "I offered to help someone even though...

Let The Season Change You

As the air turns and it becomes cool, I notice the burning bushes around our home are starting to turn red. Their leaves begin to change one by one, some more quickly than others...but little by little, the season is changing them.   As the air feels cool on my skin...

God I Believe You

A couple of years ago Teddy walked into our room fighting back sobs. He was trying to make it through the night in underwear and 90% of the time he was making it...but not that night. Mad, the tears ran down his cheeks and he audibly wailed as I walked him down the...

Our Daughter’s Miracle

I would want to share her story because I have seen our God, who can do anything, do the miraculous. It wasn’t a coincidence, and it wasn’t lucky. It was purely the reckless love of God intersecting our lives in a way that I would want you to know about because this...

We Can Tell God The Truth

"We can tell God the truth." What does that even mean? When I think of my daughter, I wouldn't want her to give me a canned answer when she is scared or trying to find her way. I'd want to talk with her about it, so we could peel back the petals together.   I think...

There Is Hope For Forever

I remember 911. My investment class was abruptly canceled and the nation sat glued to our television sets as we watched how life can change, how history can change in seconds, and it all can make us feel so helplessly out of control.  Out of control. It's likely how...

What Is Your Yes?

As I watched my five-year-old ask me letter by letter how to spell the words for his card, it made my heart smile.  “You are so brave to get baptized.” He was right. That was brave.  My 85-year-old grandmother got baptized last weekend in my mother's swimming pool....

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