Thankful Hands

Okay, I’m not sure there is a more fun art project when you are a kid than tracing your own hands. And as parents, do we ever get tired of seeing them? Several years ago, we started tracing our hands on fall colored paper, and then we would carefully cut them out. We...

Be Your Best Self, Have A Better Holiday

The deer on our acreage are getting lazy. Earlier in the fall, when my three-year-old son would yell from the windows, they would look and scatter, jumping the fences and running into the forest. Now, as I ride the tractor towards them, they look up at me and go back...

Be Kind To Yourself

Do you have that spot where you can breathe? In the hurried, busy, loud and distracting pace of our days, let’s consider a place where we can reconnect, breathe, and get some stillness. If we let our hearts get still, I believe we will be able to hear our God better....

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This is a Saturday soup favorite in our home and my favorite way to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey! The day after the heavy traditional turkey dinner, I crave spice and this hits the spot. I throw it together in the crockpot Friday morning and it’s ready whenever...

Live Like Your Days Are Numbered

Have you ever noticed as people are living their last days, the trivial things wash away, and their gaze becomes crystal clear? What would I change if I could refocus my perspective and live like my days are numbered? The overflow of my heart often sets the tempo and...

The Gratitude Book Tradition

This book is my new favorite Thanksgiving tradition! I found this gem at a nearby store and fell in love with the idea. The beautifully created book by Molly Hatch is bound in a soft green fabric and the title tells the entire story... Gratitude.   On each page, there...

4 Questions To Help Your Kids Decide

Our kids have a lot coming at them each day, so what can we do to help them navigate their thoughts? We can give them the power to choose what they believe…but how?  I heard Jennie Allen speak about her new book, which is coming out on January 28th, called Get Out Of...

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