Great Easter Resources for You and Your People.

Easter is just around the corner,  and when kids get a chance to think about Easter coming they often have a lot of great, but difficult, questions.  Just the question alone of “Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?” can make us start searching for a comfortable...

He Will Make His Home In Our Hearts

None of this craziness is surprising to God. He is big and expansive and powerful. But, He is not distant, and He is not absent. God will make His home in our hearts as we trust Him. When we trust Him, He becomes our place of rest. Like the warmth of a fire, His love...

You’ve Been Egged!

A few years ago, I saw this idea of "Egging" people's houses floating around on Pinterest. The goal is to fill 11 out of 12 plastic eggs with goodies of sorts and then go hide all 12 of them in a neighbor's yard. Why only 11 out of 12? The 11th one represents the...


A friend of mine posted on social media about the Enneagram last week. It felt like such a gift to take a coffee break and focus on something besides homeschooling the kids and where we are on the "curve."  My love for assessments started with the CliftonStrengths. It...

How To Start A Virtual Group To Pray

I wonder if this is a time when the God that people have heard about will become the God they know. I hope so. Ladies, it's time to be praying. It's time because we need God to break through. We need him to bring solutions and peace into our homes, and we need Him to...

This is the Day

If you come over to my home you will see a large black frame with a word image on a blackboard. I rotate the image several times during the year to fit the season. This week, I finally took out my "Be Mine" image still hanging around from February and grabbed my next...

Let’s Win These Weeks

It may be different for each of us, but as this period of everything coming to a halt is starting to get real, I want to encourage us to stop and consider what it would look like to win these weeks. Some of us will find ourselves in more difficult predicaments than...

May This Time Teach Us How To Walk Forever

We all collect experiences, beliefs, and stances. Sometimes, we consciously dig to try and figure things out, and other times our beliefs are a collection of what we have been exposed to. They build the foundation that we stand on, and then at certain critical times,...

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