Worthy Moments

I think that Instagram is a beautiful place. I like to post pictures of my kids on Instagram because afterward they all get sent to an online photo keeper called Chatbooks.  Every 60 images, like clockwork, it will automatically create a little book with physical and...

Marriage Mantra

We cheer at the excitement of new love at weddings and why?  Because it’s beautiful...two people starting their adventure together.  Then a few years in everyone starts saying “It’s so hard.” If “It’s so hard” was your life, we wouldn’t tell you to quit your life....

Ten Last Minute (But Still Sincere) Valentine Ideas

Men, this one is for you! TOMORROW is Valentine's Day! Here are ten last-minute Valentine gifts that DO NOT involve roses at 5:00 PM on your way home from work. 🙂   1. Chick-fil-A makes heart-shaped biscuits on Valentine's day. What! It's a Valentine's Day gift in...

Fall In Love…Choose To Stay

You complete me.  Oh, Jerry McGuire. When we are looking for love, isn't that what we want? Someone to make us whole. To fill the gaps and make us feel like we are not alone in this big, crazy, scary world.  So we look for the one to complete us and then at our...

February Reset

What is it about this time of year that brings out the crazy in my kids!  I see rudeness and entitledness start to creep in and the way we communicate to each other tends to go downhill.  Is your home that way too?  I would like to think that it’s not just mine. :)...

Love Languages Quiz

Valentine's Week can be tricky. If you're single, it can throw you onto the "Will I Ever Find Love?" train. Newer couples, you have to beat your loved one's last Valentine's Day. Married couples, the restaurants are crowded and cards are five dollars, so you end up...

You’re Invited

What type of invitation are you sending to God? Is He on your “casual get together” list? Is He more like a pen pal? You find it interesting to hear from Him, so you send Him a letter, hoping you will receive one in return. Maybe you invite Him to visit, to see a...

You Were Created

Last week I took my kids to see the new Toy Story 4 movie.  It was pretty cute, but one thing that caught my attention was the new little character “Forky.”  Forky is a white plastic spork that came to life when little Bonnie gave it two google-y eyes, pipe cleaner...

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