Be Changed

There seem to be very few times when we don't know. Right now, we find ourselves deeply set in one of those times.  I had a year of this in 2013. It was a year that changed me in the best of ways. My daughter's heart failed, and the next twelve months were full of...

Dealing With Disappointment

Today should have been the first big Thursday of March Madness. It feels a little strange without the hype of the NCAA tournament, at least in our home. We are big March Madness people! About a month ago, my oldest Cole leaned over to me in the car and whispered,...

Give These A Try

Okay, we don’t know when our kids will go back to school or how we are going to teach them, and if we let our minds wander, we will start to wonder about potentially crazy scenarios.  So what should we do?  Do the wise things.  Wash your hands, follow the guidelines. ...

St. Patricks Day Fun!

St. Patrick’s Day obviously looks dramatically different this year. No big city celebrations or groups of kids at school wearing their green.  Change in tradition can be hard, so let’s put some fun in the day! Below is a list of ten interesting facts you can share...

When Life Feels Uncertain

When life feels uncertain I will trust you When I am not sure how to proceed I will ask you When my plans seem to be failing You already know When I don’t know if I can make it You sustain When my worries seem unending You listen When my footing seems to be slipping...

Resources For Family Devotions

As I read the Bible with the kids a few weeks ago, my four-year-old gasped when we read about God sending the Israelites food from heaven. My grandfather passed away and Teddy was just sure that he was going to starve in heaven because God was sending the Israelites...

Vacation Tips for Families Traveling Together

It’s spring break time! Because my husband is a saint, we took a trip with my parents, sister, and our combined seven kids last year. Below are my tips for actually enjoying each other on a large family vacation. To say we have a lot of “situations” to pile in would...

Find Your Spark

Take a little inspiration with you.

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