With God, there is clarity. When I hand Him my everything, there is peace. When I don’t know the way, I find my direction in Him. When my heart is unsettled, I find Him to be my firm foundation. When life seems meaningless, in Him, I find all purpose. 

I see God caring for my children and providing for us in our home. I see God guiding my thoughts and writing a story I long to read. I don’t worry about the future or forever, because I trust Him with my everything.

God can be this for you. 

He longs to be your security and your peace. Hand Him the reins to your soul. Give Him the leadership of your life. Tell Him you want to follow. 

If you want to hear His voice, read His word, and if you don’t seem to hear anything, keep reading and asking God to show Himself to you

Look for Him in every moment of your day. Ask Him to allow you to notice what He is saying, and then when you get that nudge, do what He says, every day forever.

God is patient, and He is kind. He is worth your everything, and when you have handed Him all things, you will find yourself carried and free. Freedom you never knew existed but were created to live in forever.


Kirstin Ricketts