One of our Cotton Trees is sick, so we had to pull away the thick mossy bark and as we did we noticed it was already healing from the inside out.⠀

It reminded me that we may long to have God reveal to us a new way, but we may have to peel back some bark to find it and as we do we may find He is already at work.

Last week as we prayed, “God, break my heart for what breaks Yours,” I had some things I thought would be pretty easy to shore up. I thought I knew what pieces God would want to work with, but what I found was Him breaking my heart over my relationship with one of my own kids. I almost wanted to correct Him, saying, “Oh no, God I was referring to this.” What I found was that in my brokenness, I again saw my need for my God. What I noticed is that I actually want to be okay before God on my own. In the breaking, I see how far off I am from His holiness and it shatters me. It shatters me to see so clearly why Jesus had to die. He had to die for me. ⠀

It leaves me painstakingly grateful that He did, and in a place of surrender I am asking God again to do a new thing, to allow me to proceed in a new way. It reminds me again that I live a life of dependence, and that I would want to choose to live in that dependence forever. ⠀

God, would You pull away the bark and allow us to heal from the inside out? Would You sustain and nourish and be our foundation and would our everything gleam of your goodness…God, break our hearts for what breaks Yours. God would You show us the sweetness of what it means to live dependent on You. ⠀


Kirstin Ricketts