A theme in 2020 seems to be- things usually go well but sometimes they don’t. 

Even when we choose to see the glass half full, sometimes there’s a rock in the bottom of the glass that seems unavoidable. 

When life gets rough, what can we do?

  • Choose where we place our gaze. 
    • Am I going to search the computer screen for answers or am I going to place my eyes on my God who loves and cares for us?
  • Evaluate where we are placing our trust. 
    • Am I going to place my trust in myself to figure this out or choose to surrender the situation to the One who already knows?
  • Plead with God over it. 
    • We ask for big things, for impossible things, because for Him, nothing is impossible. We ask for favor and healing and wisdom and stamina.
  • Sit down. Rest. 
    • Our Jesus conquered death and then sat down at the right hand of God. We can seek, trust, ask and then we must choose to rest. Because like all things…God has got this. He always does and no matter how it turns out here, He always will. 

So today, even with a rock at the bottom of the glass, my glass is still half full…full of everything that we will need for today because He promises we will have all we need as we trust Him. And I do.