Our lives have on-ramps, places where God invites us into more with Him. God is real and near, and He is doing things. This study is an on-ramp, an invitation to see God up close. Whether you are a person who believes you encounter God regularly or wonder if that’s even a thing or are confused by what encountering God even means, this next eight-week study is for you.

On Monday nights, via Zoom, we will listen to some teaching and then discuss in small groups what we studied during the week.

It will be slightly different than the study we did in the spring. The daily work will ask a little more of you. Don’t be scared. It’s an opportunity to lean in more and see what God might have for you. We believe you can do it, and we believe if you give it a try, God will meet you.

Take the invitation. Be brave. Sign up.

The cost of the study is $10. We hope that adding a minimal fee will help you have some consistency in your small groups. 

I’m not sure what God has for you in this study, but I believe it’s something good. I believe you will encounter God. I am pleading with Him that you will.

To sign up, click here.  It will lead you to a link to purchase the study.  Please put your name and email in the notes section so that we have your information to email you the PDF each week.  

You will receive your first week’s study within 24 hours of signup and the Zoom link! The first meeting will be Monday, September 21st from 8:30-9:30 pm.

See you next Monday!  This is going to be great! 


Kirstin Ricketts