A few years ago, I saw this idea of “Egging” people’s houses floating around on Pinterest. The goal is to fill 11 out of 12 plastic eggs with goodies of sorts and then go hide all 12 of them in a neighbor’s yard. Why only 11 out of 12? The 11th one represents the empty tomb that Jesus left behind when He was raised from the dead on Easter Sunday, sharing the message that HE has Risen!

The first time we did this, my boys were three and five.  They had so much fun filling the eggs, hiding them, and making sure that the one without candy got the best place in the yard. We would leave a note on the front door telling them that they had been “Egged” and what the empty egg represented.

Easter will be different this year, but the message is still the same.  The good news of Jesus will never change. Let’s share it! Even if you don’t have kids, maybe jump in and create some fun memories for your neighbors. It will make their day!

Just print off the PDF from the link below, grab your eggs, fill all but one, and share the message that HE has Risen!

HLLF – Melissa




Melissa Cheatham