This has been hard, and a two-hour pedicure isn’t going to make it all better. Life has just kept going as we continue pressing in full throttle to keep our homes afloat. We may need to pull back and give ourselves permission to be human. Not permission to yell and throw a fit. We need more than that. We need to untangle what is happening in our souls. 

Untangling might look different these days. Before social distancing, untangling may have looked like diversion. This may be a time when we learn a new way of untangling, and it may look a lot more like surrender—taking the things we are holding and giving them back to the One who holds all things.  

What does it mean to surrender?

It doesn’t need to be fancy. Get a sheet of paper and tape it inside your closet. Write, “God, I give You…” Put a pack of post-it’s under the paper and a marker. Anytime something tricky comes up, write it on the post-it and ask God to take it. Physically give it to Him. Ask, “God, do You have anything to say to me about this?” “What do You want me to know?” Sit there for a minute and listen. God might seem quiet at first. It might take a while. Keep surrendering, keep asking. If you feel like God might be saying something, write down the thought and stick it to the wall. 

When the new CDC guidelines come back and portray a weird “going back to school” plan…write what you are feeling and stick it to the wall.  Hand God all of the things you are carrying and ask Him to take them. Surrender all of the things to Him. He can handle it. He actually already is. 

Moms, I am seeing is a lot of us at the end of our ropes. Standing at the edge of the shore, trying to hold the line and keep our families steady. 

We were never made to be the anchor. We were made to live connected to the source of all life. Our God longs to receive our worries and fears, our frustrations and irritations. He longs to take what you were never meant to hold. Surrender the rope and everything you have been pulling along, trying to keep things together. 

We are people too, never created to do this life alone, but designed to do life with Him. Life found at the tip of surrender.