Monday Night Live. It starts tonight at 8:30pm CST.

What is it?

Well, think of the friend that you weren’t sure you actually wanted but who spurs you on towards being who God created you to be. That’s what we want to make available to you.

Sound interesting? Maybe not…and that’s okay. This might not be for you.

When we started writing, our hope was that HLLF would be like that good friend who walks beside you and as different things come up, God whispers to you through her. The thought with Monday Night Live is to create that space, so if there is something specific you want to chat about, we can do that in real life, and talk about it like friends do.

That’s it.

We are calling it Monday Night Live…because it will be on Monday nights and it will be live on Zoom. We will log in at 8:30pm CST, and if someone is there, then we will stay and chat; if not, we will log off at 8:35pm CST, and Melissa will stay up and do something wildly productive, and Kirstin will go to bed.

See you there. The link to join is below.

Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 234 704 902