Last summer, I got random texts from a guy who was convinced I was “Annie.” I would tell him I was not her but he was sure I was pushing him off.

Oh, Annie. Their relationship was obviously ongoing, but she didn’t trust him enough to give him her real number.

It makes me wonder, at times do we give God the wrong number? Are we willing to hear about Him, even to say we believe certain things about Him, but keep Him at a distance?

I have a friend I do this to. She can see in my eyes what is stirring in my soul and when I walk into a full room I’ll say, “Don’t look me in the eyes,” (like only the best of friends can do). I’m keeping her at a distance, for fear I’ll fall apart.

Are you keeping God at a distance? You see, there is a difference between knowing about God and knowing God. My friend knows me, as God knows you, but that relationship deepens when you return the gaze and let Him in. 

Annie was keeping this guy at a distance, because the love that was reaching out to her was not compelling. God is patient and longs for you. Looking to Him means shifting your eyes to meet His gaze. It’s intimate. As you get to know Him, you will find a love that is compelling.   

Are you returning the gaze of the One who created it? Do you trust God enough to give Him your number?  

This life with God starts with a simple “Okay, God” step of belief. “Okay, if this is who You are, I would want to know You.” “If You are a God who whispers truth…I would want to know that truth.” “If You are the God who fills the gap I feel in my soul, I would want that.”

It’s looking back into His eyes, and rather than only being an admirer, pursuing a relationship.  When our gaze is distracted, it’s redirecting and trying again. Not to earn favor, but rather in a compelled pursuit of knowing God who dearly loves you.

Will your life be a story of one who chose to meet God’s gaze or will you be someone who just heard about Him? It can start by saying, “Okay, I don’t have it all figured out yet, but if we could have a relationship I would want that.”  Give Him the right number.

My story won’t be one of perfection, but it will be one of pursuit, where trying turns into training because the God I have heard about has become the God that I know, and the God that I know has become the One I so dearly love.  


Kirstin Ricketts