The hardening of our hearts happens over time, possibly so gradually that we don’t even notice.

The beginning of our hearts softening is humility—a willingness to consider that the way we see things might not be the entire story. There may be a narrative that we want to hand over to our God to correct. We can ask Him for that and place our hearts in His hands. 

God, would You make my heart new? 

God, would You mold me? 

God, would You rid my heart of pride and assumptions?

God, would You allow me to see what You see, how You see it? 

He can renew the way we think. Our God is the best one to do so because He sees clearly without prejudice or presumption. Let’s ask Him for hearts of compassion and not fear. Let’s ask Him for hearts that will enter into the hurt and plead for Him to make a way. He can also renew our minds when we read His Word. Not googling passages to fit our scenario, but surrendering our will and way to His.  

Life comes when old ways die. But without God renewing the way we think, we may be unaware of what needs to be renewed. We may assume others need to change when change is for all of us. 

There is a new way forward. That new way may not fix the wrongs of the past but it allows us a place to begin again.  

Would this time in our nation’s history bring revival, a coming together that only God can pave, where understanding and the new way prevail. His way. 

Revival and healing can begin as we each examine and surrender what is in our own hearts. Asking our God to refine and step with us as we restore trust and build community the way God designed. Our God the Great Redeemer, the Great Revealer, the Great Restorer can do just that. 


Kirstin Ricketts