We would want to be able to see clearly. To be wise and compassionate, understanding, generous, and peace-seeking. But I think there is only one way to be all of those things. We have to ask.

God, would You break my heart for what breaks Yours?

We can try to empathize, and ask questions, but lasting change often begins with heartbreak, and we would want our hearts to break for the things that break the heart of our God.

It would be a gift to see as He sees and to have our desires aligned with His. Let’s ask.

When the roots of our soul dig deep, God in His generosity will nourish and change us. We only need to ask.

God, will You break my heart for what breaks Yours?

Let’s ask. Plead with God about how to move forward and then do whatever He tells us. It might sounds simple. It may sound risky. It’s the way to live free.  


Kirstin Ricketts