As we consider how to talk about racism with our kids, it leaves me wondering. How do we train eyes to see?  

I read an article by Max Lucado, where he said: “In the eyes of God, you are worth dying for.” 

That is it. 

We train eyes to see by training how they see. The One who can train how they see is the One who sees. 

As my kids see people whose lives look like theirs, and those that don’t, I want them to consider adjusting their vantage point to their God’s and remember, “In God’s eyes, that person is worth dying for.”

Jesus died for all. 

We can train ourselves to see each other as family—adopted as His. Our good Father is patiently waiting amongst the turmoil, for more to call on His name, and be adopted as His dearly loved children. In God’s eyes, we all belong to one family. We are His—worth His death and worth His waiting.

Let’s ask God to break our hearts for what breaks His, for our eyes to see what He sees. We have a long way to go in coming together, but there is only one side to take, and it’s the side of mercy from the Author of Grace, who sees each of us and whispers, “You my child are worth dying for.”

God, adjust our vision as a nation, would you train our eyes to see as you see. 


Kirstin Ricketts