Well, for most people here in Nebraska and the surrounding states, school is over. Does that mean summer started?  It doesn’t feel as though there is a clean break this year. We are going from quarantine to… less of a quarantine? The lines get a little fuzzy.  So what does this summer even look like?  

This is what I do know… my favorite summers as a kid were pretty simple. They included playing, getting dirty, getting wet in a sprinkler, and then dirty again. And we did a lot of things that relied on our imagination. Maybe this summer will look really similar to a summer in the 80s and 90s. I think that’s okay!  

Even though this summer is different, it can absolutely be great and that is exactly what we are planning on.  We are still going to continue our tradition of making a summer bucket list, and it starts with letting the kids dream a little.

I always let my kids pick what they want to do (swimming, lemonade stand, watch a movie, sleep outside), then I throw in things that I know we are committed to (a wedding or family vacation), and then somethings that I want to do (farmers market, hiking, etc.).

Every summer is just a little different than the last year. We keep our homemade list on the fridge and check off items as we go. By the end of the summer, instead of feeling the blink of time gone by, it’s fun to go back to the list and remember all the things that we enjoyed doing together and reminiscing about the precious summer moments. 

Everyone’s family is different and unique. So everyone’s summer bucket list should be too! A rule that I stick to is to make it all doable. Maybe going to an outdoor concert or major league baseball game sounds fun but is just not going to happen this year. Don’t add it. The key is to make this simple and fun.  

Our list usually goes something like the below. I hope it triggers some great thoughts for you and your family. Summer will for sure look different this year, but it might be the best one yet. 

HLLF – Melissa


A Few Bucket List Ideas…

Visit a museum in person or online 

Play with sidewalk chalk

Go on a hike

Have a family nerf gun fight

Play flashlight tag

Write a letter to a friend

Write a letter to a “Hero”

Learn how to play a new game

Go to the zoo in person or online

Create an art project

Play a yard game

Find a new place to eat breakfast

Go on an RV trip

Play corn hole

Fall asleep outside

Make S’ mores 

Go to Grandpa’s farm

Make Rice Crispy Treats

Try a new kind of slush

Jump in a lake

Make an obstacle Course

Have a picnic in the park

Read 10 new books

Play the License plate game

Visit a new park

Pick wildflowers

Play paintball

Watch an outdoor movie

Pick strawberries

Look at the stars with a telescope

Go to the farmer’s market

Have a water balloon fight

Make homemade ice cream

Celebrate National Donut Day (First Friday in June)

Watch fireworks

Find an organization to help 

Finish something that took a lot of grit

Explore downtown

Play in the rain

Go to a Swimming pool

Kids make dinner

Find and follow a hot air balloon

Slip ‘n Slide

Homemade Blizzard night

Have a family game night

Catch lightning bugs

Celebrate a birthday

Watch the sunset

Watch a sunrise

Make a giant fort

Have a lemonade stand

Have a backyard BBQ

Blow bubbles 

Make a marble run

Have a breakfast picnic

Have a family Karaoke night