As I ran through the forest, I saw a patch of sand through the trees down near the river. I followed the path to where a large old tree had fallen down. It appeared to have happened a long time ago, but it was like God was giving a gift. A new thinking place. 

It reminded me of how kind God has been in unwrapping new things during this time at home. Whether it was the joy making slime brought or the hope that was gained while we figured out how to bake something new, joy in discovering new books and in my grandmother’s voice as I see her choosing so well in a difficult season… 

What do you want to remember about this time? 

I want to remember how kind God has been.  

From discovering a running loop that was the perfect distance for me to grab some headspace, to the notices as I hiked through the forest and the stirring river that leads my heart, I don’t want to forget how God provided. I want to remember the ideas that He stirred and how He delivered on them.

I’ve gotten to watch my friends succeed in following God so well and watched others search for Him like a lost treasure. I’ve seen resilience in my kids. I’ve gotten to teach my daughter to read and tell time. I’ve watched my kids get bored and learn to make up new things to do. 

Day in and day out, what I’ve seen His kindness, and just like finding this old tree when I needed a new place to think, I see Him deliver time after time in a way that is patient, steady, and reliable.

I’ve seen Him teach me to stay steady and wait patiently. Listening and looking until I see His goodness again, in the stability of an old fallen tree, I will accept His kindness, breathe in His goodness, and proceed. Knowing all of our pieces are held in the warmth of His hands.