Men, this one is for you! TOMORROW is Valentine’s Day! Here are ten last-minute Valentine gifts that DO NOT involve roses at 5:00 PM on your way home from work. 🙂


1. Chick-fil-A makes heart-shaped biscuits on Valentine’s day. What! It’s a Valentine’s Day gift in the shape of a heart and breakfast that you did not even have to make. What could be better?!

2. Get up early and go grab coffee and take a sharpie. Write a sweet note or doodle on the top of the lid and hand it to your sweet Valentine. Coffee and a love note all in one for a Valentine’s Day win!

3. Take a NON-permanent marker like an Expo marker and write a note on the mirrors that your wife and kids will use in the morning. Tell your wife she is beautiful, tell your kids they absolutely rock (and to brush their teeth). I promise you they will start their day feeling loved.

4. Start the day with an act of service. (Even for wives who don’t have acts of service in their top 5 love languages, this will make their day that much better!) Make the beds, put away the dishes, sweep the floor, change the first diaper of the day, take the kids to school… whatever will make your wife’s day easier do it. Pencil out time before work to get a few extra items done.

5. Set a reminder on your phone to text your wife throughout the day. They don’t have to be long texts. Send a heart emoji, kiss emoji, or a few simple words of affection. Blow up her phone all day long. 🙂 

6. Ask TODAY, what your wife wants to do for supper TOMORROW and take care of it!  It’s most likely too late to get a babysitter, so maybe throw out a few ideas such as take out pizza and a movie at home or go to a bowling alley with your kiddos and eat there. Or, keep it simple and grab a buffet of snack food and play a family game. The point is, not thinking about dinner is a gift for a wife and mom. Valentine’s day is a great day just to take it over and leave any unmet expectations out of the equation. 

7. Make her a card. Maybe it’s a secret, or maybe you already know, but wives would rather receive a homemade card than a $5 one from a store. AND… have your kids make her one too!  

8. Tell your wife in the MORNING that you are planning a date night at home. Be sentimental and watch old family videos, or look at old photos. Talk about joyful memories and snuggle up with some happy thoughts and a bowl of popcorn.

9. If you still want to give a gift, think TODAY about your Valentine’s favorite things. Go with non-Valentine’s day related items. Does your wife like books? Does she collect coffee mugs? Think outside the heart-shaped box and just get whatever makes your wife happy. Keep it simple and thoughtful. Those are the best gifts. 

10. LOVE ON YOUR WIFE. LOVE ON YOUR KIDS. Think about the pockets in your day where you can give to the people you love. Maybe it’s over lunch where you can stop by and say “hi” to your spouse. Perhaps you can plan it out to pick your kids up from school. The thing that your people really want is you. So today, think about ways to say “I love you” just by being present. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Men!  You do great things… including Valentine’s Day. HLLF –