You complete me. 

Oh, Jerry McGuire. When we are looking for love, isn’t that what we want? Someone to make us whole. To fill the gaps and make us feel like we are not alone in this big, crazy, scary world. 

So we look for the one to complete us and then at our wedding we read this verse: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud…” we try to love on our own and we wonder why it is so hard. 

You know why love is hard? Because love is everything that on our own isn’t sustainable forever.  

If God is love, and I am not…how do we stay in love forever? We need the One who is love and it’s not my husband, and it’s not me either. 

The love that we see in the movies is often making the person we love our God, and it’s actually really unfair and entirely too much pressure.

When we source our love from the One who is love rather than from ourselves, that love is sustainable. It’s how love was created to work- we love God first, and then as an overflow, we channel His love towards the man that is in front of our eyes. 

If it feels like that original “fall” into love was a long time ago, our God who created love can reignite it. We may not be able to…but He can. We were not designed to sustain a life-long love on our own, and we are not expected to. We are expected to rely on Him. He is the giver of abundant life, and in abundant life, there is abundant love.

If you don’t feel that crazy love towards the man in your home, it’s Valentine’s week. Look into the eyes of our God and plead with Him for those feelings to return. 

We fall in love, and we choose to stay. 

Look into the eyes of the man that you love or once loved and fight for it. The best way to fight for it is by pleading with God. If you don’t know how to fight this way for your marriage, there are some ideas below. You can ask God for anything. 

You fell in love…you can fight to stay. 


Prayers for choosing. 

  • God help me to feel the love for my husband like I want to…but just don’t feel right now.
  • Help me to see him like You do.
  • God, would you bring the closeness back. 
  • God, would you help me to want to love Him. 
  • Help me to feel his love. 
  • Help me to see him with eyes that are compassionate. 
  • Lord, bring back the love we once felt for each other. 
  • God, fill the gaps. 
  • Lord, help me to assume the best in him.