Okay friends, no matter what Target looks like, summer is not over!  So let’s keep it going and get a little fancy.  No more lemonade-stand-watery-lemonade.  Let’s make something that we actually enjoy, grab a book, and pretend we are on vacation in our back yards. 

I love lavender and lemon… well, everything.  So, I created this recipe to enjoy the combo.  Years ago, I planted lavender in my garden, and it happily comes up again every summer.  Most of us don’t have lavender in our yards, but you can find it at farmers markets and select groceries stores. You can also find lavender at greenhouses and grow some in a pot in your kitchen or in your back yard. English and Provence lavender are great for culinary purposes. Its flowers are beautiful, and the fragrance is fantastic.

If you don’t have lavender available, grab some strawberries and basil, or even blueberries and follow the same steps below.  Lemonade is the perfect beverage for any added fruit.

If you want to get super Martha Stewert-y here, you can make your own lemonade, but let’s be real friends, buy your favorite and go with it.  I like Simply Lemonade in the refrigerator section or the Country Time Sparkling Lemonade straight from the can. 

My kids love this drink, and Ella, in particular, thinks it feels super fancy.  If you come over on any day of the week, we are messy, silly, and definitely not elegant, but it’s fun to pretend.  Serve this up to your own people, or invite some friends over and watch your kids play on the slip ‘n slide.  Either way, Enjoy!


Lavender Lemonade

1 cup Sugar

1 cup Water

Fresh or Dried Lavender. (I have only used fresh flowers since I have it in my garden. Just pick a small bundle and rinse the flowers and stems. No need to pick off the individual flowers.)

Favorite pre-made lemonade

Club Soda or similar (Sierra Mist, 7-up, etc.)


1. In a small saucepan place sugar, water, and lavender.  Stir well, bring to a boil, (sugar should be completely dissolved) and then remove from heat and let cool.

2. After the lavender simple syrup is cool, strain the flowers from the syrup and pour into a jar or small container.

3. Place ice in glasses and pour about 2-4 teaspoons of lavender syrup into each glass.  Add lemonade, top with soda and mix well.

4.  Serve with a sprig of lavender or lemon and enjoy!