Each summer, the flowers at the cabin tell me a story. I have a combination that I like, begonias, petunias, some sweet potato vine, and my secret is the Persian shield. It gets to be just the right height to replace the traditional spikes in the middle of the planters, and I love the deep purple color.

The sweet potato vines grow deep, thick roots, and this year they have begun to clog the drainage holes. The sprinkler system waters the planters every morning and one is starting to flood. As I walked by I thought, “I should take the hose out of that planter,” but I didn’t. I proceeded with the day and left it there, so while we are away, the drowning plants will continue to rot.

What do you know you should do that you just don’t?

I’m not talking about the simple things like going to the gym, but the things that are causing your heart to get stale. Maybe it’s committing to pouring life-giving words into our ears. Perhaps our souls are getting stale because we aren’t reading life-giving things. Maybe it’s finding a church community to grow your heart, pour into your kids, and develop friendships. If you aren’t sure what is clogging your heart, grab a pen, sit in the quiet and say, “God, what is happening here? What would You want to do to free my soul?” And then do whatever He tells you.

There is a story God is writing with your life that is vibrant when we are living the life He has for us. In the roughest of times and on the crisp fresh mornings, God wants to nourish your soul. His tending is available. We can let the roots of our life be fed by our Maker.

There is more, and it is Him. He is the only one who can fill the gaps, and He wants to. God will allow your heart to flow free in a way that is gentle and kind as you trust Him.
After these strange months, your heart may feel stale. It may be one simple thing that will let your heart flow free. When He tells you what to do, don’t walk by the planter.


Kirstin Ricketts