I failed at journaling for a good ten years. My journals became places of shame. I would be consistent and then stop after a few weeks, then start again and, after another failed attempt, figure I was a lost cause. It was disastrous.  

It was also exhausting because I thought I had to write my life story and happenings every day. God already knows all of those things. When my journaling became all about what was true about God, it started to matter and was sustainable. 

Do you know why I want to encourage us to journal? I want us to develop a space to spend time with God, because when do we hear from Him. I want us to know the truth from His word and notice what He is saying. 

You could consider this format when you journal:

  • S- Scripture 
  • T- Truth 
  • A- Act 
  • R- Respond in prayer
  • S- Select a word

I ask myself these questions:

  • S- What verse does God seem to be illuminating?  
    • Write it down.
  • T- What is true of God because of this? Write an “I believe” statement.
    • I believe God can be trusted. 
  • A- How am I going to proceed because this is true? God, how do You want me to act? 
    • I will trust God to handle this situation. I will yield my life to His care because He is trustworthy.  
  • R- Write out a prayer conversation with God. 
    • Lord God, I long to trust You. I believe You are trustworthy. Would You plant that firmly in my heart, and would I live like it is true. 
  • S- God, what word or theme do You want me to carry today? 
    • This may be a picture: I may picture a seed and God growing something, without any work by the seed but only by its Creator; or I may write, “Choose to trust” as a theme I want to carry through the day. 

A friend and I started taking pictures of our journals every morning and texting them about three years ago. She was expecting me to connect with God, and sometimes that’s just what I needed to give me the extra boost.

Now I journal not because I have to send it to my friend, but because God is speaking so consistently that I don’t want to miss it. I bet the same will be true of you! Let’s take it back to the basics.