When it comes to Bible Study this fall, we could easily come up with a list of reasons why it’s probably not the best time. School could change, we are just plain tired and need a break, or maybe the pandemic has you feeling off-center. 

There are new ways God wants to teach each of us, and when we do Bible study, we position ourselves to be taught by Him.  

Why would we study the Bible? Because we don’t know what we don’t know. As I look back through the years, God was building slowly and steadily in my heart through His word. It often wasn’t the specific point of the study that He was working out in me, but sometimes a comment another person in the group would make was just what God was revealing in my heart. 

The pandemic has given us ways to be even more creative about meeting and studying the Bible together. 

Here are some options!

  • Join a study at your local church 
  • Study with us Monday nights at 8:30 pm, beginning September 21st
  • Host your own

Bible study in your local church may be your best opportunity for community. Check out what your church has to offer. There may be virtual options if you aren’t quite ready to jump into a group setting. I have been surprised when I finally get to see a person in real life that I met virtually during the pandemic, the connection built the foundation for a relationship. 

In September, we will be facilitating a virtual study called Encountering God at 8:30 pm on Monday nights for 8 weeks on Zoom. If virtual works for you and you can sneak away after you get your kids tucked into bed, watch for the signup next week.  

If you would like to lead your own study this fall or participate in one with friends, check out IF: Equip’s: The Power To Change-How The Gospel Equips Us To Live Differently. You could lead it in person or via Zoom and all of the tools are at your fingertips here. Click here for a post called How to Lead a Bible Study On Zoom.  

This time of change can cause us to become reactionary, but if we want to take new ground, we have to fight for it. Fighting for it for me means sticking to the ways that God has spoken into our lives in the past, and believing He will do it again. 

Let’s show up, study the Bible together, and see what God might have to say. 


Kirstin Ricketts