Don’t you wish you could see yourself through the eyes of one of your friends sometimes? Here’s what I mean: as I sat in my kitchen talking to a friend, the gal I saw was beautiful and kind, capable and just on the cusp of what God has next for her. Yet as she talked about where she was at, what she felt was fear: fear that she was in a good spot right now but that if she said it out loud, things would come crashing down.

“Last time I said I was ‘good,’ things fell apart.” Fear.

Looking into her eyes, I could tell her that it wasn’t true, that isn’t how life works. But that small mistruth had paralyzed her heart with fear. She could lose years on that one, decades even, not living freely because of one small whisper.  

One way to tell if a thought comes from God is whether or not it causes fear. If a thought you are holding leads only to fear…it is most likely not from God. God did not give us a spirit of fear. We have to squash that thinking because it can capture our hearts and hold us hostage. 

These are things I hear gals say they fear:

  • What if I got sick and couldn’t take care of my kids?
  • What if something happens to one of my kids?
  • What if they don’t get into the best ____?
  • What if my husband cheats on me?
  • What if getting any more into this God stuff drives a gaping hole between my husband and me?
  • What if God doesn’t want for me what I want for myself?  

We have the opportunity to trust God more than we trust than our circumstances. We can trust Him more than what is happening around us…and trust extinguishes fear. God’s perfect love drowns our fears. We can trust Him with our kids, with our futures, with our present moments. 

The difficult thing with trust is that we have to step out in trust before we can see God hold us. If we never take that step out of what we can control, we will never see the power of our God. 

What would life look like if we lived without fear? I believe we would stop carrying things our God is already carrying. Ask Him to help you trust Him. I believe that is a prayer He would want to answer. I believe if we could live trusting Him…we would live free. If we don’t, I believe we will look back and say, “What was I so scared of?” like a child fearing the dark, when the room is empty and safe. 

Who are you in God’s eyes? What does He see when He sees you? He sees His child, fully known and fully loved, brave and courageous. Be that girl. Trust your God, and live free. You, my friend, have nothing to fear. Your God has already won.  

This is the free life. This is the life I never knew I always wanted.