During the past few months, you may have had a lot of the same voices going into your ears. It may be time to add some new ones. 

I have a pair of rose gold headphones that are one of my closest companions. During the day, there are little pockets of time that I can choose to use well and feed some positive things into my ears. Those minutes add up and can be life-changing. I started simple. First, it was choosing wisely the music I turned on in my car. Then books on Audible and podcasts became my jam. 

Here is an example from my life: I don’t know about you, but when I clear the table after dinner, my people scatter. Hello, headphones. Hello, Jamie Ivey Happy Hour podcast. It may take me a couple of days to get through an episode, but my soul is getting little glimpses of inspiration. I also set headphones by my bed, so that as I get up, I can put Tara Leigh Cobble’s Bible Recap plan in my ears as I brush my teeth. It’s not my “time with God” for the day, but it starts my day off with His Word rather than Instagram. 

Practically speaking, I need to have it loaded and ready ahead of time because by the time I scan through to pick what I feel like listening to…the window of time is closed. So have it teed up. Keep your headphones in the same place, stick those puppies in your ears, and feed your soul.

Here is a list with links to a few things that I love to listen to:

  1. Interview with TD Jakes on the racial divide.
  2. Thrive Conference (This year it is free virtually and pick and choose great leadership content. Here are a couple of my other favorites.) Katherine Wolf, John Maxwell
  3. The Happy Hour Podcast with Jamie Ivey
  4. The Bible Recap with Tara Leigh Cobble – Bible Reading Plan with corresponding podcast.
  5. Made For This Podcast with Jennie Allen
  6. Dream Big, Bob Goff (New Book On Audible)
  7. Christian Contemporary Radio (station sounds a little meh, but it’s where I find the most soul-feeding songs) – Pandora
  8. KLove – Radio

Let’s pour into our ears the things we want to fill our hearts. It will keep our vision looking forward towards the horizon, rather than on the crumbs on our floors. As we fight for good words to pour into our ears, I bet it will feed your heart!

Kirstin Ricketts