“What recharges your soul?”

A good friend asked me that question recently, and luckily I happened to be on a walk in the woods with her at the time, and my answer was easy, “This.”

The natural default is to live in the busy… in day to day tasks where we seldom carve out room to pause and fill our cups. Maybe we think it’s selfish?  Or perhaps we believe there is just no time? I’m not sure, but know that if I don’t pause to self-heal and correct, I cannot be the best me or my best for others.

Jesus was so good at this. He had three years to complete his mission. Crowds wanted him; individuals sought after him. People could not get enough of him wherever he went, yet he repeatedly took time for the quiet. He retreated to recharge and spend time in prayer and connection with his Father.

He led by example.

We went through a hefty quarantine, and now things are starting to eek back to routine. It’s easy to slip back into old habits and schedules without even thinking about it. It’s easy to let days go by without filling our cup, which leaves us empty for the most important things God is calling us to.

So let’s stop making excuses and find what recharges us. When we do that, God can speak to us clearer; we can process things better and give more of the best of us to those who need it.

Ask yourself, “What recharges my soul?”  And make it happen.

Find a time to carve it out in your schedule, and ask God to meet you there. 💛