The goals we grip tightly in our hands: the next house, car, perfect holidays, vacations, promotions, opportunities for our kids. Always the next thing, more and more. Just as we reach one mark, the next more creeps in: the house could be more updated, the car is dirty, our holidays and vacations were less than we expected.  Each place, where we imagine it will finally be enough, seems to lead to more. What if more isn’t ever going to bring you the authentic desire of your soul? Do you ever pause and wonder if there is more to your story? As my friend was laying on the beach over the holiday with some time to reflect, we texted about the difference between the work we do and the work we do.  

What is the story within your story?  Even when your days require certain things from you, the in’s and out’s of keeping life going, what is the undercurrent that propels you forward?  

I found the free life when my eyes began to look to Him rather than to myself.  I spent decades in the fog, surrounded by the One who gives life but determined that I knew best…until my best came crashing down all around me. The life I thought I had always wanted was eating my soul, one success at a time.  When my soul found its anchor in His story, I found the fulfillment my heart was so desperately seeking, the more no substitute could provide.

What calls your soul? What is the story within your story?   My friend, the free life it is more than you could ever create for yourself, and God has a good, fulfilling plan for your life.  In Him is the free life, the life we never knew we always wanted.