Lasting joy is found only in a heart fully trusting in Jesus. Running to any other source of joy can trap us and drain the momentary pleasure it was meant to provide.

Only in Jesus will more and more good things provide greater and greater freedom. When my trust is placed in myself and not my God, more joy leads to the expectation of even more joy.  Walk in the light, my friends. This is the joy that will have no end.

At first, it may feel awkward as you stumble forward trying not to trust in yourself, trying to give up control. Trust placed anywhere but in Jesus will return void.

This is not blank trust that the “universe” will provide…this is specific trust that the One who created all things in a moment will provide all and answer you as you call to Him.

We must call out.

We must ask.

We must trust.

As you do, you will know joy and peace like you have never known.  This is the free life, my friend, a life not given to the wind, not reliant on you. A life devoted fully to the God who created all things to Jesus who paid the ransom for your soul.  A life where giving Him my everything is what I consider my only option. It may not be much, but it is my all, and it’s all He asks for. My trust, and when I begin to give him that, He changes everything.  

This is the free life.  Where peace and joy are not only found but where they have no end.