This book is my new favorite Thanksgiving tradition! I found this gem at a nearby store and fell in love with the idea. The beautifully created book by Molly Hatch is bound in a soft green fabric and the title tells the entire story… Gratitude.  

On each page, there are six lined entries with a place for name, date, and what you are grateful for. The idea behind the book is to bring it out every Thanksgiving and have everyone around the table fill in their small section. Year after year, bring back the book for years of grateful entries. 

The thought of my young kids signing it every year brings tears to my eyes as I think about how the handwriting will change as well as the grateful thoughts. I want to be able to watch and remember it all.  

I wish I could gift it to you all so you too can start this tradition in your family. If you want to find this book and begin a journal of gratitude, you can grab it here from Alter’d State or here from Molly’s website in time for Thanksgiving. Or you can just start a journal of your own. Find your own beautiful journal that speaks to you and set it on the table year after year. Either way, make the “thankful” part of Thanksgiving a purposeful tradition in your family. HLLF – Melissa