Okay, I’m not sure there is a more fun art project when you are a kid than tracing your own hands. And as parents, do we ever get tired of seeing them? Several years ago, we started tracing our hands on fall colored paper, and then we would carefully cut them out. We would then write the names of people who we were thankful for on our hands and talk about why we chose them. Then we arrange the hands on a wreath and hang it over our chalkboard in our homeschool classroom during the month of November. It’s been one of our favorite traditions, and its a practical way for me to teach gratitude to our kids.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, this might be a great way for your kids to get involved in preparing for the holiday. Before guests arrive at your home, give everyone in your family a few pieces of paper, a pencil, and scissors. Trace and cut out your hands and write the names of your guests on each hand. Pray for them before they arrive and welcome them in with thankful hands!

Another fun way to do this is to set a piece of paper on everyone’s dinner plate on Thanksgiving and let everyone take part in the tradition.  You can then combine all of the hands into one wreath as a fun gift for someone to take home.  It’s a creative, fun way to be intentional this Thanksgiving.