As I read outside last night there seemed to be a star right above the horizon. It was shining so brightly that it was difficult to give attention to any of the others. When I got up to run, there it was again, this time next to the moon. Even in the morning light, it shined brightly.

I stopped and downloaded the Star Tracker app. The app had always worked for me, but this time it was too light outside, so I couldn’t see any other stars to use as reference points to determine what I was seeing. 

The next morning my friend texted me, “I think you were seeing Jupiter.” She could find it on the map in the dark when she could see the stars. It was Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, but in the light, I had been unable to name it. Some things you can only see clearly in the dark.

It reminded me of the current conversations in our nation. Why might this be the time when we can step together and bring change? I wonder if it might be because we can see better when times are dark. 

I couldn’t name the giant planet in the morning sky, yet in the dark my friend could follow the map of the sky more clearly. So while we can see it, let’s be creative and use our imaginations. Let’s seek the face of our God and plead with Him to make a new way. Let’s ask Him for revival and let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

While it’s dark, let’s step together, so when the sun comes up, the light of change and hope will still be shining.

Kirstin Ricketts