As the air turns and it becomes cool, I notice the leaves on the burning bushes around our home are starting to turn red. Their leaves begin to change one by one, some more quickly than others…but little by little, the season is changing them.  

As the air feels cool on my skin it makes me think that like the burning bush, I would want to let this season change me. I would want to know what my God has in it and I would want Him to lead and change my heart.  

The burning bush allows the seasons to change it, and like the plant I would want to to yield to my God and allow Him access to my heart, trusting that He is kind and gentle and that as I yield, He will change my heart and make something beautiful out of it. I know that to be true and as I see the changing leaves, I will choose to believe it once again. Would my heart be forever changed by the season.   

Kirstin Ricketts