When it comes to making commitments to a code of conduct as we consider the racial divide in America, this is the one that makes me cry. I will trust that God knows better than I do. 

It floods my eyes because God is generous and kind, He sees what has happened and what is happening, and He knows the way forward even when we don’t. 

Allowing God’s vantage point to become our vantage point looks like surrender. It’s saying, “I’m not sure about this Lord, but You are. Break my heart for what breaks Yours, I may be unaware of what I am holding on to, help me set it down. Help me to surrender. Would Your will and way become my will and way.”

If God’s heart breaks over racial division, we would want our hearts to break over it too. If every tribe and tongue and nation will worship together in heaven, then we would want to get ready for that now. 

We must trust that God knows better than we do. Let’s plead with Him to expand our understanding. Let’s ask Him to allow us to see and to fill our minds and grow our hearts. If we believe that God knows better than we do, then we will be willing to leave behind our former way of thinking, ready to trust that we will have the capacity to follow Him into a new way, and believe that His way is the way.

As people who call themselves Christ-followers, we would want to follow Him. So we have to follow Him to the cross, where we lay down our pride and preconceived notions, where we ask Him to rid us of what we are holding that is not true, good and beautiful, and ask Him to overflow, fill the gaps, reveal and pave the way. 

As we trust that He knows better, we believe that He will tell us exactly what to do. That starts as we pray and listen for His voice. We choose to trust He knows better than we do, so we will choose to yield and ask Him where to go, and then do what He says.

This divide is too cluttered with mistruth to navigate it on our own. Yet again, we can choose to trust that God knows better than we do. As that follow becomes our pattern, it will lead us together, united as a family of Christ-followers. As we come together as a family, that may be the way we become a more united America. 


Kirstin Ricketts