I keep hearing the phrase, “Nothing will change until the comfortable people decide to get uncomfortable.” We may think our circumstances don’t control us, but are we controlled by our comfort?  

We have an opportunity to consider patterns in America as it relates to the racial divide. If we listen, consider, and strive to understand, but we won’t get uncomfortable, we may miss the full story. 

Choosing not to be controlled by our circumstances means that we decide not to step back even when someone tells us stepping into the space could be risky. It means we proceed respectfully in the conversation even when it makes us uncomfortable. We choose to listen and try our best to understand. It means we will seek to take steps toward America being more united than ever before, even if it would be more comfortable to sit on the sidelines. Not being controlled by our circumstances means not being apathetic because of our comfort.  

Let’s ask God to help us see beyond our circumstances. If one God idea is better than a thousand good ideas, I won’t let my comfort keep me from asking our God what He might want to do. 


Kirstin Ricketts